February 12 (2018 to be precise)
Yes, you guys had to wait 4 years for my new mix to finally arrive.... But apart from my mother I do not know of any people actually listening to my mixes... Anyway, the wickedy wackedy Techno mix is downloadable in the mixes section.. 2 hours and 20 minutes of raw techno.

November 11 (2012 to be precise)
New mix in the download mixes section, Techno mix. Mixing without headphones? Yep. When mixing with Traktor, the fabulous DJ Robbie303 does not need headphones !... Does anybody read this actually ?
The new Techno mix is 3 hours long, so making a tracklisting,,, nahh. Save yourself the effort from trying to Shazam something from this mix, Shazam will detect nada, because constanly a minimum of 2 records is running (for 3 hours long). Ohh, sometimes I feel like I'm almost as arrogant as dave clark.

November 25 (2008 to be precise)
New wickedy wack mix available for download in the mp3 section. This mix consists of nearly only records from the high times of house, 1998 till 1999. It's remarkable to see that in those 2 years so much tracks were produced we now all mark as being the best house-party tracks ever. Reminisce this high-time period while listening to this mix.
01) Master C&J - Dub love
02) Dub your body
03) Matt Warren - The way to my heart
04) Baby - It's allright now
05) Sandee - Notice me
06) Blake Baxter - When we used to play
07) Virgo - In a Vision
08) Da Posse - Searching hard
09) Separate minds - We need somebody
10) Bones breaks 4- Strings of death
11) The 26th street crew - Inch by inch
12) Chandra Simmons - Never gonna let you go
13) Todd Terry project - Bango
14) Etat Solide - No heartbreaks
15) The 26th street crew - I need a rhythm
16) Fast Eddy - Can you still dance
17) Fast Eddy - Let's go
18) Africa bambata - Just shut up and dance
19) Parsimony - Six
20) Summer daze - Samba magic
21) Joeski & Onionz - Looking for somebody new
22) UBQ project - When I fell in love

November 25
R&B / Dancehall mix available for download in mp3 section.

November 4 (2007)
Winkel van Sinkel 'Electric Kingdom'
Please,,, put your electric in my pants now.
Westbam, HardyHard, Lady Waks, TL Pimbs, Robbie303.

July 22
Boat the Odessa
With DJ Ed Eaze.

June 3
Free Your Mind Festival
With Derrick May, Michel de Hey, Don Diablo, Oscar Mulero, Remy, Erick E, Steve Rachmad, Joris Voorn, Bart Skils, Juan Sanchez, Benny Rodrigues, Andre Galluzzi, Marco Bailey, Dominik Eulberg etc etc etc etc etc..............

May 25
"A night with Marco V "
Winkel van Sinkel
Robbie303 doing electro set in the basement.

March 27
Twisted DJ contest (semi final of march)
Other DJ's: Yessika, Sydney, Bart van Rijn, Frenckel, Dauphin

March 21
Twisted DJ contest
After getting up to the quarter finales of the TWSTD DJ contest in 2005, Robbie303 is gonna give it another try with a more electro/techno oriented style at this years contest.
Other DJ's: Bart van Rijn, Frenckel, Dauphin

December 31
Winkel van Sinkel 'ACID & NIEUW'
TURN UP THE BASS !! With Tyree Cooper.

November 23
Twisted DJ contest Kwart finale !
All this year 'month' winners (24 DJ's out of 300) now will be reduced to 8 DJ's who will be lucky enough to perform at the Twisted DJ contest in Paradiso.
Other DJ's: Kreed, Jose Rizal, Kingcon, Jouk

November 5
Winkel van Sinkel 8 year anniversary !
Chahir Bali and Robbie303 in the basement back 2 back.
Benny Rodrigues, Juan Sanchez, and Sandeep. 23.00-06.00

October 29
Release party of the Syntecno evening at the Winkel van Sinkel. Stomping you hard with anything between Electro and Techno. Benny Rodrigues kicks of the evening, Germany based producer/DJ Lars Klein his music will be ending this Syntecno night while showing you exactly how techno should be played.. In between Robbie303, bridging Benny's metallic and Lars his grinding techno.

August 20
Robbie303 will be rocking the decks at 1 of the newest and hippest Amsterdam beaches.
Party will start at 18.00. Robbie303 will master the turntables from 12.00 till 03.00 with a funky/Tech-house set ..... Free entrance !!!!!!
Other DJ's: Fonker69, VictorCoral

July 30
****Syntecno Stage****
Slamming the decks Techno-style.
With different music area's (including a live stage), theatre, acts and more, on a location with a beautiful beach, surrounded with grass and trees, ROCKIT Dance is here to set a new standard.
Not just another Dance Festival.
ROCKIT DANCE Event is a day out where you can dance in the water, lay on the beach, check out one of the live bands or be part with your own instrument.
Of Course the prominent ROCKIT Techno sound will be provided by the best Techno DJ's.


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